Hi! I'm Thea Benedicte Rhodes Moen, and I'll be 5 years old on February 10th 2005!

I was born in Kristiansand, Norway and have been living there ever since, but now I'm MOVING TO AMERICA!! Mom says she'll do more for my pages after we've moved.

My big sister, Kaja is crazy, but I love her! She makes me laugh!

I'm very silly and love to play with Barbies, Bratz and just about anything else! I love Star Wars, Disney movies and Tom and Jerry. I really love listening to Weird Al music, especially 'the saga begins'. I'm learning to sing and I love to color.


This picture was taken at my daycare this year...I actually sat still long enough! Wow! Now my hair is shorter, but it will grow again!

This is me and Misty! She usually doesn't sit still this long either!!! Specially around me and Kaja!

Here I am, trying on my xmas presents and trying to make a fashion statement! My grandmother made my earrings!!

But this is just me how I usually am!

Just plain cute!!!!