So just who am I?

I've been asking myself that question as long as I can remember! You'll find bits and pieces of who I am scattered among these pages, but perhaps a little general info.

I'm originally from Maryland, born in Washington DC in 1966. Lived in Maryland until I married Bjørn Moen in 1991 and moved to Kristiansand, Norway. Bjørn was a long term diabetic, and in March 2003, after a very long and difficult run of late-onset complications, the diabetes got the best of him. So, now I'm on my own with two girls, and we are about to move back from Kristiansand, Norway to Asheville, NC, USA!!

I went to the following schools:

  • Green Valley Elementary School in Hillcrest Hights, MD
  • The Congressional Schools of Virginia in Falls Church, VA
  • Queen Anne School in Upper Marlboro, MD
  • Hood College in Frederick, Maryland -
    • B.A. Psychology 1988
    • B.A. Mathematics Secondary Education 1989

I've spent the last 12 years mostly dealing with family matters...but when I have worked, it's been with a local academic publishing company producing books and arguing with the macs when things went down.

However, my heart belongs to other work. Since 1988, I've been doing Jewelry work. I make silver filigree work. You can see some of my work here. The filigree work is based in the norwegian Bunad traditions, but with my own style and designs. I plan to spend the next year in Asheville trying to get my jewelry work off the ground. I also have a how-to book in the works.

I have a lot of interests, including jewelry, stone grinding, stone hunting and collecting, mushroom hunting, surfing the net (especially Ebay!), science fiction, paranormal phenomena, astronomy and other things which drag me into the study of the whichnesses of the whys of the universe.

So now, after a seeming eternity, I'm updating my family's web pages! I should be packing for my move, but when inspiration hits, I've got to go with it! Otherwise, I'll be updating the other parts of this site after I move, including my mushrooms pages and others.

Until then...thanks for stopping by!